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AD•Vantage - Recognition

"When a person is given positive motivation...
and challenged to achieve goals...
performance is likely to be much greater
than without motivation."

Successful companies recognize that incentives play an important role in helping them reach their objectives. Well-planned and well-executed incentive programs provide the solutions necessary to effectively meet these objectives. Critical to the success is the implementation of a program that provides exciting "two way" communication, appropriate levels of recognition, and ongoing motivation.

An incentive point program can help you achieve your business goals by creating an avenue to motivate a participant base (employees, salespeople, customers, etc.) to meet your objectives (work safer, sell more, buy more).

AD•Vantage's Multi-Level Catalog is used to entice your participants to work toward your program objectives by displaying a wide selection of awards attainable by performance. Premium (name brand) merchandise is a highly promotable permanent symbol of recognition. Every person has different tastes and interests, so the use of a multi-level catalog provides a diverse selection of awards.

Participants can earn points or rewards for achieving goals and have the opportunity to do two things with these points: Redeem them for a gift, or save them and work toward a higher level gift.

Contact us today to review the best way to accomplish your goals through a customized incentive program from AD•Vantage. We listen and we work with you based on your objectives.

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